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WANT YOUR BOOK TO BETTER COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR READER? Hire Me as Your Copy Editor (aka the grammar and spelling police).But I Am So Much More ...

A Legal Assistant in My First Career; Same Skills Needed in My Second Career

What are those skills? Attention to details. An eye for continuity/repetition (the first is good; the second, not so much). A love of clear communication. A "forever" student. (I read dictionaries and grammar manuals!) So I'm perfect for this job, and this job is perfect for me.

I wish for everyone who works to have the perfect job and the perfect boss. I have both as I followed my dream in 2007 to become an author and a freelance copy editor. 

I've been an avid reader all my life, so creating my first short-short as a seventh grade English writing assignment came so easily. When I garnered the teacher's mention in class, I was hooked.

So I feel destined to create my own books. And I have. Since March 2011, I've published sixteen e-books on Amazon, both fiction and nonfiction, with two collections available as well.

Apart from my book-related obsessions, I'm a Deep South gal who lives in the DFW Metroplex and loves animals, good food, a great cup of coffee outside in beautiful weather and hearing a Cajun accent to remind me of home. 

My Current Project is Book 1 of My First-Ever Series

My rough initial draft totals 74,192 WC as of this writing. I expect it to end up near 90K. While I'm intent on writing more fiction, I make my living as a copy editor, and what a boon 2017 has been. So my time is split between my three happiest endeavors: creating and copyediting and consuming books for the pure pleasure of reading.

Check Out My Books Online and Also My Kindle Boards' Ad

All my e-books are available online at: http://www.Amazon.com/author/denisebarker. My Kindle Boards' ad provides more information about my copyediting services, plus my current availability, at: http://www.kboards.com/index.php/topic,231477.0.html. For my writing-related blog posts, check out http://www.LivingTheDreamPublishing.blogspot.com.


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